6 Useful Tips On How To Start A Comparative Essay Introduction

Before start writing an introduction of a comparative essay you should know which kind of writing a comparative essay is and what should be the content of this kind of essay. Generally comparisons between two or more things are done, that is advantages and disadvantages of one thing over another are discussed in this type of writing. Comparative writing can be done between any two items, which can be place, subject, any product etc. it doesn’t matter what is the item of comparison, but the writing should have a strong base.

Tips which will help you to write

Many students and peoples spent sleepless nights to write a comparative article, mainly the introduction of the writing, because introduction is the part which convinces people to read the entire essay. Writing introduction of a comparative can be too easy, if you keep some points in your mind. Tips which will be useful to start writing the introduction part of a comparative writing are as follows:-

  • Before start writing do research on all the topics or items about which you will write the article. Gather all possible information about each thing and check whether data are correct or not and list all of them carefully.
  • Next read the instruction which you have given to follow and understand which type of comparison you have to do in your writing. Because if you write anything out of the topic that will decrease the quality of your writing.
  • After that list all the similarities and differences between all the products. Try to start the introduction part with the similarities between items. Though you are writing a comparative essay writing the common parts between the products will improve the quality of the essay.
  • After discussing the similarities focus on the differences between all the items. Give a brief idea in the introduction part about the significance of each object. Write in such a way so that, after reading the introduction reader will get a little bit idea about the individuality of each item.
  • One more thing is you should establish your point of view very clearly in the introduction part of your writing. You should have enough evidence to prove your statement as true.
  • Another thing is write in a structured form that is maintaining proper paragraphs and comparisons should have proper base. One more thing is try to write point wise, it helps reader understood the entire matter at a glance.

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