Tried And True Tips For Creating An Essay On Law

Essays on law can be a bit daunting to draft. Law is a technical course that needs special kind of skill and understanding of the topic for the writing to be flawless. As a matter of fact, the tutors will read the few opening statements to your essay and that will determine what grade will be awarded. The tutors determine the distinction, credit and pass students by simply reading through a few introductory sentences.

Providing content

It is recommended that the opening statement should provide context for the argument that the paper supports. Here is an example:

According to the Traffic Act 1975, all accident victims should be given emergency medical care. However, that is not the case as…………….

Always refer to the question

Having an exceptional background information section that is not related to the question being addressed is a total waste of time. Before writing any point, always ensure it is related to the question being addressed. For instance, the question at hand may be” What is the impact of the new gender bill to women?”

This issue can be addressed as follows in the essay:

The essay will explain how the newly implemented gender act will impact on the women….

Being specific

This basically entails determining what approach the essay will take. What aspects will be ignored or focused on. What theories or comparative jurisdictions’ will be used? Is there any specific essay=y outline that will be used?

Providing a road map

The next thing is to develop the scope to support your argument. A brief outline should be used as it will guide the reader.

Example: Section 1 will outline the introduction and background. Section 11 will focus on the recommendations and critiques…

Writing the conclusion

Most students do not write a captivating conclusion. The conclusion should be brief and restate the argument of the entire paper. It should be professional and polished.

Example: The essay ultimately concludes that it is important for the Traffic rules to be followed as this will curb road accidents and reduce traffic offences…..

Law students should pay special attention to the following aspect even as they draft the essays:

  • - Careful analysis of the tasks/assignments given
  • - Writing a catchy and relevant introduction
  • - How to effectively develop your case.

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