Composing An Argumentative Essay On Death Penalty In 6 Steps

You are a teenager, so you have very strong opinions that you want to share. You have the chance to do this by writing argumentative essays, and you can be sure that your colleagues will listen to you. As excited as you are for this task, you have to know that some topics are really difficult to explore. For example, writing about death penalty can put you in a really tricky position. Solve the problem by following these 6 points:

  1. 1. Discuss about the past. Thousands of years ago death penalty was something very common and no one was outraged by this. Even if your colleagues will be shocked, try to tell them everything about this. It might prove to be quite fascinating actually and it will help them have a better vision over the past. If you need it, you can find assistance on the internet.
  2. 2. Types of executions. It sounds sinister, but actually people were killed in different ways. From throwing them in the same cages with lions, to hanging them in the middle of the city, many barbaric things were happening. However, don’t try to get into too much details, as some of your colleagues can be more sensitive than you are.
  3. 3. The necessity of this punishment. It is difficult for us nowadays to understand why this was necessary, but in ancient times there were no jails or ways to keep people away from the public. In this case, they had to make sure that the criminals will not hurt anyone else.
  4. 4. Religious and moral arguments. As you know, many countries today still apply this in exceptional cases. There are many voices against these countries who say that no one should have the right to take someone else’s life, even if this person is a criminal or thief. Explore this idea in your composition and debate it with your colleagues.
  5. 5. Innocent people who were sentenced to death. It does not happen very often, but it does happen. There were some times in history when innocent people were killed for a crime that they did not commit. By the time anyone could prove their innocence, it was too late.
  6. 6. Modern methods. Nowadays, people are killed with chemicals or the electric chair. The governments are trying to make this process as painless as possible, even if these people hurt other human beings at some point.

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