How To Formulate Good Essay Topics For High School?

High school essays are tricky since they test how well can you play with your words and imagination. They are not run-of-the-mills topics but are those writings which require one’s deep thinking. There are many students whose writing skills are still at a very nascent stage and are not expert in composing articles. But often this is considered mandatory, and the professors give stress on creating a winning piece of article. All you have to do is to use your wits, common sense and a grip on English as a language.

But, if you are hesitant overcoming with an original piece of writing, let us give you some practical instructions.

How to formulate an essay topic?

  • One of the basic and most important tips is to read and increase your knowledge. Read books, journals, previously written papers for not only increasing your knowledge base but also to have a grip on the language and grammar.
  • See what kind of writing your teacher is asking for. There are numerous types of writings you may be given like explorative, narrative, and argumentative. Each of them is structurally different. To understand them, you need to know how to write them, and the tone of the writing.
  • Remember, your writing shall be able to attract the one who is reading it. So, think from the perspective of a reader and write in your own style. Grammar and sentence framing shall be flawless and must be decipherable.
  • An essay is divided into three parts, the introduction, body, and the conclusion. The introduction introduces the topic which will show how well you have established the topic; the body part will speak about the topic and inform the reader in general. In conclusion, you should write down the summary of the entire article. Each of these sections will test different levels of your comprehending skills. So you should practice writing more often.
  • Regarding choosing the topic, you should concentrate on the important events and happenings around you. Choose the most trending topic, but don’t interpret it in a clichéd way; try to be original and think different. You can ask for your teacher’s help or search the internet for getting an idea.

After considering all the above points, you shall practice writing within a scheduled time. Ability to come up with a writing within a proper time will prove that you are an efficient writer.