A List Of 14 Argumentative Essay Topics On Up-To-Date Issues

Current issues are, probably, one of the most favorable topics for an essay that you can only imagine. The more up-to-date the issue is, the more interesting information you can find and the better your project looks.

How to Choose a Topic

An argumentative essay is a paper in which you explain your opinion to the audience. You make a statement and render reliable facts that confirm your point of view. In this light, it becomes clear that a topic for an argumentative essay should be as debatable as possible in order to inspire you and your audience to search for proofs or counterproofs.

When choosing such a topic, many students give preference to the ones that match their own point of view. However, it can be quite interesting to explore a topic that is completely different from your opinion. In such a case, you will be a so-called devil’s advocate, and it’s a great chance to test your abilities of defending an opposite point of view impartially and effectively.

Where to Search for a Topic

Searching for a topic, begin with the endless resource that the Internet offers. With its help, you can find an interesting idea for practically any argumentative essay. Besides that, browsing through websites, you will discover, which issues are really up-to-date and receive the majority of attention and which, probably, get too little.

Below, you can find a list of suggestions, too.

  1. It’s better to ban adoption of children overseas.
  2. Genders cannot be equal in anything.
  3. It’s necessary to ban commercials of fast food and drugs.
  4. Further researching in genetics is able to kill the humanity.
  5. Technologies have received the total power of our lives.
  6. There’s no use exploring space, all these expeditions and research is a waste of money.
  7. All the wars in the world can be justified.
  8. Vegan and vegetarian parents should give their children meat and other animal food until the children are old enough to make their own decisions.
  9. Balanced vegetarian diets are as healthy as regular eating and much more useful than a common diet that involves fast food.
  10. Destruction of rainforests is dictated by the need of free land and food for humans.
  11. The planet should go vegetarian to fight the hunger.
  12. Exploitation of child labor in developing countries should be discovered and punished by the global society.
  13. Schools should be free from religious education.
  14. If there were no religions, there would have been more peace in the world.