How To Find A Free Argumentative Essay: Effective Guidelines

Many academics and writing experts insist that the best way to learn how to write a good argumentative essay is to review a previously written sample copy. There are plenty of places to purchase samples but there are also a lot of places where one can turn to when they don’t want to spend a dime. Here are some effective guidelines to finding a free argumentative essay:

Getting One from Your Instructor

In order to make sure you understand exactly what is required of you from an assignment, it’s a good idea to get help directly from your instructor. He or she should be able to provide you with some really good samples you can use for easy reference. You can review the copies first and get some one-on-one help if there are components of the assignment you don’t fully understand.

Reviewing Print or Online Journals

Another great source for finding a free argumentative essay is to visit your public or school’s library to browse through its journal subscriptions. With an account you will have access to all the print examples they have on site as well as the examples you can find through their online subscriptions. Ask a reference librarian to get you started by showing you the journals that most closely relate to your topic.

Visiting a Chatroom or Forum

If you are familiar with chatrooms and forums then you should already be aware of the number of academic resources you can find by networking with other members and posting queries that hundreds of people can respond to. State your position and the kind of help you are looking for. You should receive several dozens of responses within a few minutes. Be sure to tell members that you are only looking to view a sample and that you have no intention to submit their work as your own.

Downloading a Sample from a Professional

Another great place to look is on a professional writer’s website where he or she is likely to post several sample pieces on a portfolio. A lot of these professionals post their pieces so that their voices can be heard through a vast readership. This means, however, that you shouldn’t try to plagiarize any content or try pass of someone else’s work in your class. Simply download the content and reference it as you write your own assignment.