Picking Up Easy Essay Topics For 8th Graders: Useful Tips And Great Examples

It is commonly believed that essay writing is an art, which should be developed from an early age. It shall not only help you to pass your class 8th grade examinations but shall also help a lot in the later stages of your life. You should always opt for those topics in which you feel excited to talk and write about, topics about which you care or have a deep passion for. The more interested you will be in writing about such topic, the more joy it will be for the readers.

Let us look at some of the topics and why you can choose them:

  • - Factors leading to the institution of slavery in America – This is a history based topic of discussion. Many students have a liking for this subject and are awed by the factors leading to various developments in world history.
  • - Romeo and Juliet – A literature based topic that has a lot to be said about it. You will find a lot of information also on it. In short, if you have a passion for literary works and starting to make your way to some interesting novels, you can choose topics from this genre.
  • - Your role model – Probably one of the most common topics faced in this standard. However, it never gets old. Students of each generation have their own idols that they look up to. If you want to be like someone whom you admire a lot, it must be something about which you have a lot to say.
  • - Boons and curses of the internet – This is something on which everyone would have a say. However, don’t talk only about the list of video games you play. There are other utilities present also. It is high time you get to know about a few of them. It will be a subject of your interest. If it does, you will have a lot to write about the advantages, and if it doesn’t, you can mention the reasons behind that as well.
  • - The place you visited last summer – This is a generic topic that can have multiple angles and modifications. Also, it will be something that you would have a lot to say about. You can start right from the day you packed your bags and can end with the day you unpacked them. The adventures you were a part of and the new dishes you got to experiment.

These are only a few examples. Obviously, there are much more that you can think of in each particular field. However, the main motto remains the same. Choose the one that you are happy to talk about.