How To Select Good Essay Topics For Year 9 Students 

If you are a student of the 9th grade, you are likely to have lots of interesting things to do, and writing an essay for your English class doesn’t seem like a piece of cake. However, it should be written even if you are not in the mood for it. It is very important to select a good topic for your paper. In such a case, doing your writing assignment won’t seem like a challenging ordeal, but may appear to be a great opportunity to share your ideas on some issue. The following tips will help you choose a particular topic idea for your essay:

  • Select something you are passionate about.
  • If you are interested in the subject, the process of writing will be fun. Year 9 students usually prefer writing about their college life and personal relations. Some global issues may be chosen as well, especially if they are widely discussed and controversial. Teenagers love sharing their independent opinions on general problems, and this is normal.

  • Choose something you know about.
  • You will complete your essay very quickly if you know the subject well. It will save you from time-consuming additional research.

  • Find an interesting angle of exploring the topic.
  • This won’t be a big problem for the year 9 students. Specific and extra-ordinary views on usual things are common for this age group.

  • Ask for the advice of other people.
  • Your peers and relatives will not only help you pick a topic, but may also prompt on particular aspects of the problem that you have never thought before.

Keeping in mind all these tips, you will be able to come up with your essay topic without much effort. The following list of topic ideas for your paper may be useful too. They meet the needs of every 9th grader perfectly well.

  • Pep rallies are a must for every high school. Why?
  • Boxing should be introduced as an extracurricular activity in your school.
  • Shortening the study week to four school days will only improve the students’ grades and motivation.
  • Your favorite class is … Why?
  • Being a hero: what does it mean for you?
  • Preparing students for hardships of real life: what courses should be introduced in your school with such a purpose?
  • Tattoos and body piercings: your attitude.
  • Your best weekend.
  • The legal driving age should be raised to 18.
  • Big inventions (like computers) versus small ones (like ballpoint pens). Which of them influence your life more positively?