Advice On How To Pick A Good Topic For Writing A Profile Essay

This essay format is designed to provide a portrait of the person that you are writing about so that others will feel like they know that person. The details should paint a picture that is vivid and that is balanced and focused on appealing to the senses. It is more than just a rendition of what this person does for a living. You want to give your reader an idea of the person’s character. The idea way of handling this assignment is to conduct an interview with the person first. Then you will be able to get to know how they are as a person a little better. Give your readers an insight that they may not be able to get on their own.

Choosing the person to write the profile on is dependent on a few factors

  • Will you be able to interview the person?
  • You should conduct an interview with the person that you are deciding to write the profile essay on. It is the most productive way of getting the information that you need for your paper. You can ask them questions that help you get a better picture of who they are as a person. This could be anything from what their hobbies are to what they do for fun. These things give your reader a more personal and rounded idea of who the person is.

  • Think of people with a purpose
  • You will want to choose someone that has a purpose in the community. It can be a teacher, politician, actor, company executive, or someone like this. This isn’t a necessity but most readers will recognize the person that you are writing about and want to know more about them. This does pose a problem if you can’t get an interview though.

You could possibly write the paper using the interviews that someone else has conducted with your subject but that may not be as effective because they may not have asked the questions that you would have asked. It is best to just choose someone that you can get an interview with so that you can ask the questions that you need to write a solid essay. Take your time and choose a great subject for your paper so that you can write an interesting and informative essay and work out your interviewing skills effectively.