Impacts Of Religion On The Constitution

The constitution of a country defines the entity that is the government and outlines the capabilities it has and laws by which it should adhere. In the case of the government, this document gives certain power to individuals and organizations under its legislation and can greatly affect the opportunities available to the individual. Many organization's claim that religion did not have any part to play in the formation of the Constitution but in many cases, this has proven to be untrue.

Why religion should not affect the Constitution

Well, to many this may seem pretty simple but ill get into it anyway. Religions believe in things, they do not offer any evidence or proof or accountability, they simply hold to a belief steadfastly with no room for negotiation. This type of attitude has no place in management, or politics. A country needs to function on facts and figures, not on hopes and dreams and this doesn’t even touch on the fact that theists and differences in beliefs are a major contributor to many unending wars faced by countries throughout history and continuing today. Even without these obviously problematic points, how do you chose which belief to affect the Constitution with? Would your government be based on marginalization of minority sects? That isn’t even a smart political move.

Why people think it should affect the Constitution

This is simple as well, religious people believe in their doctrines and most doctrines preach that it’s teaching is the most important thing in the world so it should be put first in everything. Clearly most people are religious, so therefore most politicians are religious and therefore their faith will express itself during their activities in office. From my experience, believers are unable to see how rude it is when they impose their beliefs on others, when they’re in office it is no different except that they now have the power to affects you and so it can become a problem.

Religions preach many moral values that are held by most people so it can be hard to point out the laws and rules that are directly derived from religion when they stated devoid of any religious dogma. It also begs the argument, used mostly theists, that if you do not want doctrine to affect the law, does it mean that you now support murder? However, it is clear that religion would naturally affect the constitution since it is a part of everyone of us.