A List Of Interesting Discursive Essay Topics On Football History

Do you need to complete a discursive essay on a football history essay topic, but are having difficulty in achieving that so you are able to obtain a top grade? There are many different interesting topics out there that can be selected. You just have to understand the different thought processes that go into selecting the correct one for your needs. With that thought in mind, here is a list of possible topics that you can select, and some suggestions on how to come up with your own one on football history:

  • Write a football history account of your favorite team
  • Describe the football history of the Premier League
  • What is the most popular football player in the history of the Premier League?
  • What are the top players statistically in each category with regards to English Football?
  • Which English club has had the most success in European competitions?
  • What are the biggest rivals in English football?
  • What are the most iconic English derbies over the course of history?
  • Describe the top 3 English football matches to take place
  • What is your most memorable football experience and why?
  • How has English football changed over the last 50 years and why?
  • Is the intervention of goal line technology a god or bad thing?
  • What have been the biggest disasters associated with football over the course of its history?
  • Which key people have been the most important in ensuring that football has become so popular?
  • How did football start in the first place?
  • What can be done to improve football o that the problems of the past do not go into the future?
  • What have been the top European football clubs throughout the course of history?
  • What have been the top coaches in the history of international football?
  • Why is Brazil known as the leading nation when it comes to football?
  • Why is the English premier league regarded as the best in the world?

The football history topics above can be used for your next discursive essay, but there are many more topics that you can come up with. In fact if you think about the subject matter carefully, then there might be a topic that you feel very passionately about.