Antony And Cleopatra

This couple remains and presents the most couple in all history. Their story has been told for over two thousand years in many versions. A lot has been changed, and some bits exaggerated. However, the two remain as the most established couple to have lived. The two are from different establishments falling in love, going to war together, suffering a defeat and finally committing suicide shows a good story of two in love. This is the reason the two continue being household names even long after their death. Other many people are remembered in the world and have their names in history books, but it is an achievement for Cleopatra as she is the only lady on the list of most famous people in the world. The other thing is that the two are in it as a couple making it even harder for people to get their names off their lips. Shakes Pear then gave them another platform to grow with his play. It presents the two as real love birds that make many people remember them.

Themes of the play

Throughout the play, there is no clear evidence of the cause of most of the things happening in the play. For example when Cleopatra kills herself, we are not sure if it was out of love, or the political pressure drained her. Long even before this, it is not certain if the two love birds came to be together because of true love or from lust. It is upon the reader think it out and know what kind of love the two have. There is nothing certain in their relationship. The other thing is that one cannot be sure of what kind of a leader Cleopatra was. She has two different sides that make it hard to make a conclusion of her leadership traits. Another very dominant theme in the play is the idea of opposition. We see from the very beginning that the two are from opposing dynasty. One is from the Greece and the other is from the Egyptian revolution.

The happy ending

Many people will believe that the play ended in a tragic way but for sure it is a very sweet ending. Even though it ends with the two taking their lives, it was a good way for Shake Spear to make it a nice ending as no one of the two came out to be the hero or heroine of the play.