Influence Of Music Versus The Influence Of Books

It may be somehow difficult to compare directly the influence of music to the influence of books due to the difference in the two. However, both music and books are sources of information. The two also are and can be viewed as sources of entertainment. Music, for example, is interesting to listen to and is usually in different types. Some of the types of music include hip hope, love and rock music. Music is primarily used in entertainments on various occasions such as weddings, parties and gatherings. Books are also available in various forms and types. There are course books used in schools; there are story books, journal books and novels among others. Both music and books can be used for same purposes. Some cultures use songs to pass their history to generations. Others use books to write their history, so it is not lost. The influence of music and the influence of books both depend on the messages they contain.

Influence of Books

Books are a source of knowledge. Reading books help individual find answers to things and situation. Book reading enlarges a person’s scope of knowledge. Book reading influences an individual's way of looking at things. It also helps improve the way of thinking of the reader. This is a very positive influence from books. It widens the mind and improves a person’s concentration in work especially while studying. Books also help an individual in language development. The influence of books also includes learning about different cultures. Books are also a source of entertainment. Novels, for example, help people especially the youth when they are bored. Children entertainment is in the form of storybooks that they can read. Books thus influence the reader in many ways.

Influence of Music

It is enjoyable to listen to music. Different people have different likings for music. Everyone has a favorite song. Music is a primary source of entertainment. Music can be used in various occasions and gatherings for entertainment. Music thus makes people lively. Music is also used to console people especially in bad occurrences that are unfortunate and also in funerals. Music is also important for morale and motivation. Some people believe that when they are going through trying times, they need to listen to music to raise and maintain their morale. This is due to the soothing effect found in music. However, music can be harmful if the message is inappropriate to the listener. Some music may promote violence.