A List Of Interesting Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Second Grade Students

The main idea of a compare and contrast essay is find two items that can be compared in an interesting way, with a detailed description of their peculiarities, properties, functions and other details.

These essays can speak about people, animals, objects, phenomena or opinions, everything that has something in common for comparison and something different for contrasting. It’s very important to choose an interesting pair of objects in order to do deep analysis and develop the topic in a catchy and unusual way.

Depending on the grade, it makes sense to choose a topic that students can comprehend. If you are searching for essay topics meant for second grade students, you can either try inventing them on your own or searching through the Internet. On the Web, there are numerous websites that offer interesting and catchy compare and contrast essay ideas that are suitable for the second grade. Below, you can also find several ideas that can turn into a winning essay.

  1. Running around vs. Sunbathing on a beach.
  2. Going to school vs. Staying at home.
  3. Having fun with friends vs. Having fun with parents.
  4. Cats as pets vs. Dogs as pets.
  5. Oranges vs. Apples.
  6. Mathematics vs. Language classes.
  7. Having many friends vs. Having only one best friend.
  8. Winter holidays vs. Summer holidays.
  9. Spending holidays in a city vs. Going to the countryside.
  10. Having a big family dinner vs. Having a quick snack on your own.
  11. Going hiking vs. Playing in a backyard.
  12. Baseball vs. Football.
  13. Playing video games vs. Reading about adventures.
  14. Watching movies vs. Reading books.
  15. Old music vs. Contemporary tracks.
  16. Staying at home due to a disease vs. Going to school.
  17. Collecting coins as a hobby vs. Knitting as a hobby.
  18. Knowing what happens tomorrow in advance vs. Receiving surprises every day.
  19. Being able to run fast vs. Being able to swim fast.
  20. Working as a police officer vs. Being a firefighter.
  21. Doing homework vs. Being lazy.
  22. Studying hard vs. Giving little attention to learning.
  23. Traveling to Africa vs. Traveling to Asia.
  24. Traveling vs. Staying at home all the time.
  25. Being rich vs. Being poor.
  26. Having rights vs. Having no rights, being a slave.
  27. Being successful vs. Being a loser.
  28. Receiving gifts vs. Making presents.
  29. Having a birthday party vs. Going to a birthday party.
  30. Being a good person vs. Being an evil one.