Fifteen Easy Essay Topics For High School Students On Flowers For Algernon

Flowers for Algernon is a great piece of science fiction written by Daniel Keyes. Its psychological value makes the book a perfect object for an argumentative essay, a compare and contrast essay or a deep research. Check the topics below presented by USEssayWriters.

  1. From the point of view of ethics, do you think the brain surgery that Charlie endured was necessary?
  2. What do you think Ms. Kinnian thought about the necessity of Charlie’s brain surgery? Are there any hints in the text that she was supposed to feel this way?
  3. Developing his intelligence, Charlie starts seeing the laughingstock people make out of a retarded youth, and he realizes his own traumas. Was it good for him to understand how people had treated him before the surgery?
  4. Which Charlie do you think is more true to life and more sincere as a personality: the old one with a low IQ, or the new one, the genius?
  5. What was the meaning of Charlie’s feelings for women in the development of his personality after the surgery?
  6. The book starts and ends with a very specific register of writing that is supposed to convey the writing of a mentally disabled person. Do you think that this style of writing truly conveys the way disabled people write?
  7. Would the text create the same effect of development of Charlie’s mental abilities if it were not written as Charlie’s diary?
  8. Is there any difference between the Charlie at the beginning of the novel and the Charlie at the end? Is the ending rather tragic or is it more like an inspiration?
  9. Does the novel set forth the importance of intelligence in the life of a person and the harmful effect that too much knowledge and understanding can cause?
  10. Can Algernon actually be treated as Charlie’s alter ego? If yes, can it mean that Charlie should expect the same end?
  11. Who was the main influence on Charlie’s developing personality: Dr. Nemur, Dr. Strauss, Alice Kinnian or Algernon?
  12. What factors forced Charlie to agree to the surgery? Was it tiredness of being disabled or a desire to reach his friends’ level?
  13. In your mind, did Charlie become much happier after becoming a genius?
  14. What’s the meaning of memory in the novel? What is it for Charlie and for our understanding of his old problems?
  15. Do you assume that they should have never made Charlie undergo the brain surgery?