The Best Way To Write A Cause And Effect Essay On Music

Music is one of the oldest forms of communication. There is no mood and time that cannot be expressed through music. So writing a good cause and effect essay on music should be a natural inclination for most students. The basic concept of a cause and effect essay is very simple. You describe what makes something happen and then describe the aftereffects of the phenomena. So when it comes to music you will have to write the reason why people listen to music or why people create music. The elaborate the effects of music on the listener or the composer.

Some good cause for music:

  • To set the mood of the scene. It is used in movies to express the scene to the reader while in real life it helps in depicting the person’s mood. If a person is happy he will make a cheerful tone or something that sounds like whistling. While a sad person may well be quite or play a melancholic tune on his harp.
  • Music is created to express sadness and melancholy. It is the greatest achievement of music i.e. to create the mood of the artist and give him closure.
  • Some people create music because they love to. They do not need reason to do it, they do it because they love doing it.
  • Some play an instrument or sing to gather new experience.
  • Some people even play an instrument as a hobby and to relax after a hard day’s work.

The effects of music:

  • The effect of music may vary from persons to person and depending on the type of music being played.
  • A jazz song can get a couple dancing while a classic British rock will get the young crowd banging their heads up and down. So the effect can be very different depending on the listener and the genre of the music.
  • Some musicians find peace of mind by expression themselves through the music.
  • Some musicians do it for the fame and popularity that comes with it and get to bask in the glory of their music’s popularity.
  • Some musicians play for the purpose of earning money. Their music allows them to food on the table and not go hungry.
  • Some people play to get better at it and so that they can impress other with their art.