Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is famous and is popularly known for being one among the many founders of America. He was born in 1743 in Virginia, a former British colony. He was a father of six. Thomas Jefferson is also famous for the reason that he is the man who took charge in the writing of The Declaration of Independence. This was in the year 1776. Thomas Jefferson was one of the Republican Party members and firmly believed in the principles of the party. Thomas Jefferson once served in the seat of the governor of Virginia. He is remembered for his advocacy for slavery abolishment in the U.S. His ideologies and beliefs were against the use of slaves in the U.S plantations and households. His views are remembered as he advocated for slavery ban and was against racism.

Thomas Jefferson and Slavery

Thomas Jefferson was one of the people who opposed slavery. He believed that the use of slaves was a major threat and would be a blow United States growth and development. His argument was that the use of slaves was disrespect to human dignity and that it was wrong. Thomas Jefferson argued that the slaves were ordinary human beings and should be allowed to enjoy their rights and freedom to liberty. The act of slavery according to Thomas Jefferson was against human rights. In 1778, for example, Thomas Jefferson was one of the people who led the advocacy towards the banning and abolishment of the use of slaves in the United States. Other people thought that slavery was cheap to use and resulted in high profits especially on farms and plantations in the United States. Thomas Jefferson held the strong opposition against since in the 1770’s until when he died. Although his advocacy continued, the use of slavery did not stop but continued as it was considered cheap for the Americans and profitable.

Thomas Jefferson: Major Achievements

Thomas Jefferson through his efforts, beliefs and ideologies made great achievements. It is Thomas Jefferson that took charge and wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776. In 1779, Thomas Jefferson was famous in the use following his advocacy for free primary education for all. Thomas Jefferson served as secretary of state’s starting 1790 to 1793. Thomas Jefferson also participated in the expansion of the United States territories through the purchase of Louisiana in the year 1903.He was the founder of University of Virginia in 1819.