Marriage, Human Sexuality, And The Family In Christian Thought

Christian teachings about major issues including marriage, family, and human sexuality are derived from the biblical teachings. These lessons from the Bible guide the Christians in their activities and strengthening their faith and beliefs. About marriage, for example, Christians view it as a critical and critical institution. When Christians marry, it is referred to as holy matrimony. According to Christianity, the marriage institutions are highly respected. Partners thus need to be serious about marriage and should only enter into marriage only when they are ready. Biblical teachings about marriage are that it is blessed or ordained by God. Nothing in marriage should be taken for granted. It is thus important to respect the institution of the wedding. Christians when getting marriage have to have in mind the seriousness of the vows they make in the presence of the church. The promises made are also considered to have been made in the presence of the Lord. The vows, in this case, are taken as an oath taken to preserve and respect the institution o marriage. In marriage respect between partners is emphasized in Christian teachings and thoughts.

Human Sexuality in Christianity Thought

Human sexuality according to Christianity thought is that it is blessed by God. After the creation of people in the Genesis creation story, God gave the man and the woman the authority of multiplying and bringing forth children to fill the earth. In this context in Christian thought, ex is blessed by God. Sex is thus looked into as a good thing. According to Christians understanding, the act of sex should only be between married partners. It is, however, unclear even among the Christians if it is wrong for those outside marriages should have sex. However, the biblical teachings are against sex between unmarried partners and deem it a sinful act in the eyes of God.

Family in Christian Thought

Family according to Christianity is also based on the biblical teachings. Christians view the family as an institution that sprouts out of marriage. The wives and the husbands in Christian thought are to respect each other. Each partner has rights that ought to be recognized. Children should b brought up in a way that they are taught about God and good morals. The head of the family according to the teachings of Christianity is the man. The New Testament also emphasizes on equality in the family.