Five Ideas For Writing An Impressive Definition Essay About Citizenship

Citizenship is the act of civility; the act of moving among others within space and acting with wisdom, integrity, and responsibility. Civics is usually taught in the eight-grade curriculum and then later addressed in other social studies classes. A definition essay will define a topic and then give examples and scenarios to further explain the topic. Here are five ideas for writing an impressive definition essay about citizenship.

Five Ideas for an Impressive Definition Citizenship Essay

  1. 1. Look at the history of the topic. Make sure to check out what Benjamin Franklin, Sam Adams, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson had to say about the subject. Explore the past history of the idea. If you are from a country other than the United States, you can still research the concept from your area. And, in fact, you can go back to Ancient times and explore it.
  2. 2. Now explain the accepted norms of citizenship. You can pick a sector of society such as work, school community, home, or religion and then focus on the rules than are standardized and accepted in that particular sector that you picked.
  3. 3. This concept does not just exist within the United States; other countries have their own rules and own standards. Pick a country very different from yours and explain and define how the concept is delivered within that country and culture.
  4. 4. Define the concept and how it functions in your home. Who makes the rules? What happens when they are broken? Have the standards changed as you have grown up? Do these rules and standards differ greatly from those of your friends? Explore your own habitat and explain and define it as it is relative to civility.
  5. 5. Look at the concept of civility and how it has changed over the last ten years. Then look at the changes from the last twenty years. This impressive topic for a definition essay will be fun. You will see that the definitions have changed over the years, but there are some standards and components that will never change such as integrity and compassion. This topic is a lot of fun and works well for a creative and reflective person.

Use our five ideas to help you write an impressive and fun definition essay if your social studies’ teacher assigns you this type of essay.