Ten Great Argumentative Essay Topics About Recycling For High School Students

Recycling and other environmental subjects are a great idea to use for your high school essay. Writing about these kinds of topics can be a lot of fun as well as useful if you pursue something you’re interested in. Writing any kind of essay takes some time, structure and research to do. As long as you know what you need to get done, you can plan for it and not put things off until the last minute. The best way to get started is the right topic, so here are a few ideas:

  1. It saves energy to recycle
  2. One person doesn’t make enough of a difference in recycling
  3. Keeping the environment clean costs money
  4. Recycling helps to control global warming
  5. Recycling and reusing paper products means less trees are cut down
  6. Complicated recycling systems are useless
  7. Environmental jobs are important for economic benefit
  8. There isn’t an immediate incentive for recycling
  9. Recycling results in less water and air pollution
  10. It’s only a short term solution—recycling doesn’t address larger issues

Writing argumentative essays about recycling

The topic is only the beginning. If you really need to easily and quickly finish your paper, then keep reading. There are lots of great tips you can find on the internet, some of which are discussed below. Homework writing really depends on your interest level, how much you already know about the subject, and how motivated you are to do it.

Make sure you do your research about the process of recycling so that you have an informed opinion about your topic, both the positives and negatives. If you ask questions while you’re doing research, you’ll be able to find things that might be misunderstood or usually overlooked, to add to your position. You can try a different approach or add insight others might not have.

Also, try exploring opinions or concerns others have about recycling and address or solve them in your writing. It’s important to choose your perspective wisely and construct your essay around that. Think about the conflicts you have, as well as what other people have brought up. Your thesis statement should reflect the heart of your homework and what you’re essentially trying to say, boiled down into one sentence. You can even contact a local recycling facility to interview them for your research.