What To Write About In An Argumentative Essay On Social Media

Students are often given argumentative essays as a part of their social media studies. They learn how to develop their position and support it with good examples. Usually, students have to choose a type of communication techniques and explain why it is the most effective in a particular situation. The following guidelines will help you decide what to write in your assignment about:

  1. Learn what your potential topics might be.
  2. It’s important to select a topic that can be covered within the scope of the paper. The social media technologies to consider include podcasts, online forums, blogs, wikis, rating of the materials, and more. However, you should avoid choosing a broad study idea or else you won’t be able to cover it, as a typical argumentative essay is no more than 6-8 pages in length.

  3. Consider what argument you support.
  4. Bear in mind that you should narrow down your topic. Consider why you support the use of a chosen social media, whether there should be more supervision, and how people will interact in the future. It makes sense to do some background study in order to find out more about a chosen topic and how the subject has changed over time.

  5. Look for factual data.
  6. Having enough statistical data about the users of social media and their preferences, you can add interesting details to your papers and support your argument. So, it’s advisable to look for available data or conduct a survey if you have enough time. You can analyze this data as a first point in the body of your essay.

  7. Provide your opinion on how social media affect the lives of people.
  8. In this kind of an assignment, you should provide your opinion, along with the opinions of experts, on why people use social media and how it’s affecting their lives. You can consider cultural aspects, for instance prove an argument that general culture influences the way in which people use social media.

  9. Write an outline before you start to write your assignment.
  10. You should collect all the essay ideas and organize them in a logical manner. It’s advisable to prepare a detailed outline, so you won’t miss anything when you start to write the text. If you have any doubts, remember that you can consult your professor, who will advise you what sources to choose, how to structure your thoughts effectively, and what details to keep in mind.