The Internet Censorship In China

The internet plays a major role in the lives of people today. There is a wide need for information and entertainment in the world and all this can be provided by the internet. Communication is key and it would one hell of a boring place without internet. With the internet you can exchange information and share ideas with people far away in a simple faster and cheaper way. Internet has made the world of business, trade and commerce fast and simple. All world markets, people and business men are linked together and you can get any information about anything without a major hustle like it was before the internet came along. Many people today do not need to leave their houses in order to work, all they need is to be connected to the internet and you can make your home a virtual office. People do not need to travel for long distances so to hold meetings, instead they can teleconference each one of them from their place of choice. Internet has made the world a small village to live in.

Cyber crime

Despite all these goods, the internet has got its own disadvantages to. One of the main things that eat up the minds of people is the cyber crime. This involves hacking into systems to get information or divert transactions for ones gain. This crime robs many people millions of money. The country of China has censored internet use to make sure that it protects its citizens from such crimes. It is illegal to misuse the internet in China. This has helped reduce crime rate but has also contributed to drop in the business. This is because there has been disruption in the ease of obtaining and sending information. Companies outside China are not directly connected to Companies in China. China has made an effort to isolate its companies form the rest of the world so as to protect them against cyber crimes. It has helped in reducing crime but has also contributed to slowing down of business and transactions.

Protests against internet censorship

Many people do not agree with the issue of censoring the internet. Activists in China and other interested parties have held many demonstrations against the censorship but the government seems to do anything to make it work. Those demonstrating and the journalists that cover these stories have been put to jail. The government tries as much as possible to cover up if any protests ever happen. China government believes that keeping a close look on the internet will build a platform that will make trade in China cheap and safe.