Little Red Riding Hood

As many other fairytales that origin from Europe, ‘Little Red Riding Hood” contains the concept of fight between the good and the evil. Although the story has undergone numerous changes, the prevalent concept remains the same.

The story includes many symbols and elements that represent the good and the evil, the greed, and the hope. Little Red Riding Hood may be regarded as the story about one’s responsibility towards the others.

The two most contrasting characters represented in the piece is Little Red Riding Hood and a wolf. Little girl that has just visited her grandmother clearly represents the good, whereas the wolf that she comes across on her way represent the evil. The girl that carries the basket on her way, at the wolf threated to a little creature on her way. As for me, at that point the author raises the point not only of the two antagonists, but also there are some human issues what accompany a person throughout all their life. A great example of it was stealing. Also, there is a difference between the attitude towards animals and humans. I find it inconceivable that the author wanted to present the human superiority above animals. Besides, one shall remember that there are plenty of sexual interpretations that revolve around that fairytale.

A concept of good against evil with the traditional victory of the good is in inherent in multiple fairy tails. I find Little Red Riding Hood to be the most prominent example of raising some of the most important of human issues when one thing revolves around the other. A very important point that the target audience for this piece is the piece of different age groups as the purpose of the fairy tale remains didactic.