Writing A Good Exploratory Essay On Death Penalty

Capital punishment is one of the most debatable issues of the present day and the civilized societies now stand at the crossroad of whether or not capital punishment is justified. It has been subject to lots of speculations and a lot has been written on it, either in its favor or against it. And it still remains a topic that attracts a lot of attention.

Exploratory essays on the other hand are different from critical writing or argumentative essays. In this type of writing you are not required to prove your point of view by providing facts and evidence rather through exploratory essays you are made to explore an issue or a problem and find probable solutions it. Therefore this type of writing shows your problem solving capacities through researching and writing. Exploratory essays thus require you to be introspective so that you can evaluate your own thoughts. In exploratory essays you are the one who raise the question and explore it thereafter.

Writing a good exploratory essay on death penalty

Death penalty can be a good topic for writing exploratory essays. It would give you enough scope to dive into the issue, dig out facts from deep and analyze the problem. And since it is one of the most burning topics of the recent times, you can also get access to a lot of materials. An exploratory writing on death penalty should be written very sensitively so that it addresses the issue rather than igniting controversies. And since these types of writings display the writers analytical and problem solving capabilities, you are also required to be extra careful with your thoughts. In order to write an exploratory writing on death penalty a few important points should be remembered.

  • The introduction to the article should outline the issue and state reasons as to why you feel it is important to discuss.
  • Also a brief outline on the time period since when it has been prevailing in the society can give edge to the writing.
  • In the body you should provide the information that you have gathered along with their source and blend the information with the issue tactfully to draw a conclusion.
  • In the conclusion the problem that is the death penalty should be reinstated and along with that the causes or the circumstances that gave rise to such an issue and also a few plausible solutions to death penalty which you feel can be implemented should be highlighted.