A List Of The 25 Best Argument Essay Topics For College Students

There are several ways that a student could prepare themselves properly in order to be successful at certain academic assignments and it is wise to learn them as you advance through your school life. Many students claim that the essay and similar assessments are usually the most common types of academic tasks that they are faced with. Thankfully they also say that this early exposure has also allowed many of these student to learn many of the rules and regulations that govern its construction.

Please utilize these exciting and thought provoking essay topics for college students because it should provide you with the necessary skills that is required to efficiently prepare a superb essay. Make sure to attempt the more difficult ones as well because you would not gain the specific skills needed to complete all types. Remember that practice is of utmost importance and many scholarly students implore this technique throughout their academic life.

  1. Show how air pollution is responsible for the diseases and sicknesses of certain animal life around the major cities.
  2. Bullying is a serious topic in today’s forums both student and adult alike. Highlight any progress these groups are gearing toward.
  3. Argue for the reduction of the speed limit on all major roadways in efforts to curb the road fatalities.
  4. Structure a paper that speaks for the rights of the LGBT community from the struggles that they have while trying to get married.
  5. Show how necessary it is for people to complete their academic life with the inclusion of a sport in their curricular schedule.
  6. Make a strong paper against the process by which a person can buy a firearm.
  7. Speak strongly against the use of narcotics and other banned drugs from the international sports arena.
  8. Should alcohol be allowed on campus at any given time or function?
  9. Would the rights of students be violated if the school board decides to drug test every student before they can sit an exam?
  10. The effects of smoking on your social interaction with persons of your age and interests.
  11. Why it is much better to have sex before marriage instead of waiting.
  12. How it is possible to be successful at academic and still lead a full social life.
  13. Why girls are better at language subjects.
  14. Why there is nothing wrong with a girl asking a boy out on a date.
  15. Students should be given the opportunity to grade the teachers based on their capabilities as a teacher.