A List Of Outstanding Personal Opinion Essay Topics

A personal opinion essay is one of the most commonly composed papers at various levels of education. In this case, the writer tries to win over the reader to adopt his or her point of view in relation to the given topic. You may want to compose a winning title on the same or pick an effective topic among the wide range array but due to lack of techniques, this might appear a nightmare to you. In this article, you will first learn the essential prerequisites for choosing a unique title and later be presented to a list of topics.

Conduct an exploration

As a matter of fact, you need to have a broad cognition on how you can come up or select a good title. This calls researching in various sources such as text books and reading the content from the internet. Having such information will enable you to distinguish between a top ranking title and one that is poorly composed.

Read sample topics

The internet has multiple sites that display a wide array of topics from which one can pick. Through reading them and having a great apprehension, you will be in a position to come up with your own work. It advisable to read as many samples as possible in order to have diverse knowledge.

Ask for aid and be original

At some point, you may encounter difficulties in deciding whether a given title is recommended at your level of study. In such a case, it important to get help from your lecturer or any other experienced colleague. To add on this, effective writing encompasses creativity. Let your thoughts be unique and different from those of any other writer.

Below is a list of the top 12 personal opinion essay topics you can make a selection from:

  1. My favorite activity
  2. What makes Jane my best friend!
  3. The things I perform better.
  4. Who is my hero?
  5. Should gun possession be strictly prohibited?
  6. A health tax should be introduced for prolific smokers
  7. Schools should not commence lessons in the morning
  8. Facebook social site should put an age limit for underage users
  9. Uniforms are not crucial for high school students
  10. How effective is the death penalty for culprits in ameliorating one’s behavior?
  11. Is good handwriting at elementary level associated with good behavior for most students?
  12. Most contemporary outfits violate the rights of women and should therefore be banned