Does God Exist

The debate whether God exists is one that many people do not like getting into. I am a Christian myself and I believe that God exists. There are many reasons that make me believe in God’s existence. However, each one of us is entitled to their opinion. A chance to answer this question according to your autonomous thinking should be viewed as more than ones right. We are free to think and believe all we want as regards to Gods existence. It is also important to note that, what we choose to believe has great effects on our lives. It greatly influences our moral values. Many people want to see clear proofs that will make them believe that God exists. It is important to note that God challenges us in the Bible to look for Him and we will find Him. We should not wait for proofs from other people for us to believe that He exists. He said that those who seek Him with all their heart and in truth would find Him. These are clear proofs that God exists.

The Unique and Excellent Design of the Universe

The whole of the Universe is designed in a mighty way that proofs that God exists. The size of the earth, for example, is perfect. It is just the right size that can be held in place by gravity. If the size were any different, then the atmosphere would not be habitable. The earth is also located in just the right position thus the temperature is well maintained. Water is valuable and necessary for all living things. Now consider the human brain. It can coordinate all the activities that are happening around you and at the same time keep track of the body functions. All these were created by God and are pieces of evidence that God exists.

How life would be without God

Life without God would be meaningless. It would not matter how one lives his life. Mankind would be destined to destruction. Life would be worthless, inconsequential and without any hope. However, because God exists, we have a future and hope for living. We can get to experience Gods love and get to know Him personally. This is the hope that we have beyond death. God’s existence makes life good and enjoyable to live in. There are simple rules that are there to make the world a better place for us. I, therefore, believe that God exists.


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