Ten Good Questions For Writing An Essay On The Great Gatsby

To know what kind of questions you need to ask to write an assignment like this takes knowledge. This means the writer must understand the meaning and importance of the assignment. This paper cannot be taken lightly at any point of its process. Students know how much rides on its grade. It basically lets you know how you graduate or move on in your education. If there was a point in your studies you needed to give all that you have this would be the time. This article will give ten good questions for writing an essay on the Great Gatsby.

  1. You will want to ask about the writer. Get any interesting information you can on them. There will always be the standard information needed to satisfy the committee and audience. Remember keeping the audience’s attention is very important. This can be done in your research. The best way to do that is to go through all the material. Pick-out the most little known facts. Choose the exciting things they have done. Take the best and exciting parts and used them as topic sentences. This will help to keep the audience interested.
  2. Go through your research and do the same process with the people in their lives. You will be able to give the audience some type of idea of the way the writer lived. You can also give them an idea what made the writer happy or sad. Getting material on the writer can explain certain things about the book you may not have put into words. You ever heard the saying that it was just that one word or thing that lite the bulb?
  3. Ask about the writer’s childhood. Give the audience an idea of how the writer grew-up.
  4. Ask about the writer’s adult life. You can give a good background on if they were happy. Check this company if you want more information on the book. Did they have any true loves in their lives?
  5. What were their inspirations in getting them into the world of writing?
  6. Were there any characters that were actually people in their lives?
  7. Did they live a clean and sober life or were they partiers?
  8. How was their health? Did they have illness close to them that affected the way they lived and thought?
  9. Where did the title of the book come from?
  10. How close to the life of the lead was to his? Did he know someone that was actually the lead character?