A List Of Successful Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

In an argumentative essay you need to pick a particular idea and persuade your reader in it by raising your arguments. The key element of a good argumentative paper is its topic. You should choose topics that are interesting to you, so that it will be easier for you to find your arguments. This article contains a list of excellent topics for an argumentative essay that might help you choose your own idea.

  1. The Spanish Inquisition and consequences of its actions.
  2. Do research and raise your arguments to prove that the actions of the Inquisition seriously postponed technological development.

  3. Excellent grades don’t guarantee your success in real life.
  4. Gather evidence to prove in your paper that getting excellent grades shouldn’t be the purpose of your education.

  5. Placebo effect is a cure for all diseases.
  6. Give examples of positive results caused by the placebo effect and raise your arguments to prove that this may be used to cure almost any disease at the initial stage.

  7. The use of atomic bombs must be banned.
  8. You should prove in your essay that there is no reason that can justify the use of atomic weapons.

  9. Historical artifacts should belong to their original owners.
  10. Persuade your readers that museums all over the world should send important historical artifacts to the countries where they were created.

  11. There should be more male nurses.
  12. Raise your arguments to prove that the government should encourage more men to be nurses.

  13. Religious zealots should undergo treatment.
  14. Gather information to prove that religious zealots are lunatics that should undergo medical treatment in order not to harm people around them.

  15. The Internet helps establish relationships.
  16. Give several examples and raise your arguments to persuade your readers that it’s possible to find your beloved person with a help of social networks and dating sites.

  17. Optical head-mounted displays might cause more car accidents.
  18. Raise your arguments to prove that this type of wearable gadget might distract drivers from the road.

  19. Music might heal people.
  20. Prove in your essay that listening to music you like might positively affect your organism and even cure some diseases.

  21. Elderly people shouldn’t be sent to nursing homes.
  22. Gather evidence and raise your arguments to prove that sending your elderly parents to nursing homes might depress them and reduce their lifetime.

  23. People shouldn’t marry in the early age.
  24. Give examples and prove that an early marriage may negatively affect the development of a person.