The Effects Of Technology

Technology is something we all are dependent on in some way. These technologies have become so important in our lives that we can’t seem to imagine life without them. The only reason why we are committed to using these devices is because they have made life more convenient.

When the television was invented, people preferred watching the news on T.V. because it was convenient to listen and watch it at the same time rather than reading it off the newspaper. Airplanes were invented to make distances in the world shorter, so people instead of sailing in a ship for months preferred taking a plane ticket to make travelling shorter. In all the inventions, the finest till date is the internet. Here is how it came into being:

Invention of Internet:

One invention that has kept all the world connected and has made all of us citizens of one globe is the internet. Today, we are all just a click away from any information we want of any part of the world. People today have gone to the extent of using the internet what should they do if:

  1. They are feeling unhappy or
  2. How should they treat their friends, parents, boyfriends. situation.

The internet is almost a separate entity with every solution to your problem.

Invention of smartphones:

When cellphones were invented, people we amazed by the fact that a wireless phone existed and you could talk from anywhere, anytime to any individual almost all over the world. the same technology was later up graded allowing people to send messages through the same gadget.

Today, we are in the age of smartphones, a big wide screen that functions at the touch of a finger, organizes your contacts, mails, photos, messages, schedules and apart from all those useful things, it is used as a device to avoid public confrontations. No one can deny the fact that a smartphone has made everyone’s life a whole lot easier. Most of us would rather lie in bed and scroll down our phone screens as it is the new idea of spending quality time. The idea of technology and its constant advancements are what have made human life a lot easier.Today it is all about moving forward and technology is something that keeps updating itself and this change is inevitable. The idea of technology has always been to ensure people can remain in convenient contact with their friends and family at all times.